Thursday, 26 September 2013

Why the title of the blog?

Because I'm not another wannabe writer. And you shouldn't be either.

If I write, I'm a writer. I may never be paid for it, very few people might ever read what I've written, but if I've created it, selected the words - and chosen the order in which they will appear - and written them with intent, whether I'm using a pencil or a keyboard, then I'm a writer. 

So why is it so hard to say?

Because, I suggest, the term writer says Jane Austen, Shakespeare, JK Rowling (whatever you think of her the Harry Potter stories are great yarns), even Barbara Cartland. People whose names are synonymous with published books. They're books that have been read by thousands if not millions, and they're authors who actually make money from their craft.

If anyone asks me what I do I say I'm an administrator, which is true. My day job or rather my two days a week job involves answering the telephone, filing documents, writing letters, paying bills and occasionally fixing boilers. (Or not but that's another story.) When I'm introduced to someone by well-meaning family and friends with the words, 'She's a writer,' I cringe because I know that I'll be asked what I've had published. In other words how far up the fame ladder am I. And the answer is, 'I've been teetering between second and third step for longer than I care to recall.'

That shouldn't matter. But it does. Which is why I've chosen this title for this blog. To remind myself and you that we are writers. No wannabe about it.

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