Friday, 8 November 2013

Dealing with rejection

It always seems to happen on a Friday. I have come to dread arriving home form the 'proper' job, sitting down and reading my emails. I wonder if the agents have a massive splurge come Fridays and rush to clear out just a few more from their undoubtedly huge piles.

This time, because they'd had it nearly 7 weeks and in their preliminary email they'd suggested that if a rejection was coming it would be quick to come, I'd made that fatal mistake: getting my hopes up.

The email when it did come was a standard one but it felt just a little bit more personal as the agent wrote, 'Despite your funny and engaging style ...'

The 'despite' was enough; I didn't have to read any further. But I did. Just in case I was misinterpreting  Just in case she'd had a change of heart by the time she'd finished typing the email. Just in case she could offer me a gleam of hope.

She hadn't; she didn't.

It's okay; I can handle this. After all I'm used to it. 

No, I can't. Not yet anyway. Maybe tomorrow I'll pick myself up and submit it to another agent but for tonight allow me to wallow. 


  1. Wallow away for a bit. Then pick yourself up. I love your witty and engaging style.

  2. I didn't know you had another blog, Liz. I know it's easy to say "Cheer up" and it doesn't help. So I'll just send you HUGS instead. xx

  3. Keep going Liz - As you know I bought your book for Mrs F. She loved it, and it was passed around her book share group. They all want to read your next one. These agents etc. need to listen to the punters