Thursday, 15 June 2017

Finding poetry in a cross word

Good heavens! Has it really been nearly four years since I last wrote on here? Doesn't time when you have grandchildren/too much to do?

I am in the process of de-cluttering. It is a very slow process especially now I've started going through the filing cabinet. It's the filing cabinet in which I keep all my old writings, at least the ones on paper rather than screen. Over the years I have done so many writing courses of all sorts that I have a variety of files neatly labelled and stored. 

And these all have to be gone through before I can throw anything away. 

One of the subjects I learned about was found poetry. That's when you take words or phrases you've 'found' somewhere and create a poem out of them. 

Here is one I ... compiled seems more accurate than wrote however it is a new creation so perhaps wrote is acceptable.

The words/phrases are all from crossword clues in the Sunday Times, February 1998.
object of desire
Henry normal husband about 50, with droopy features
turns out a devil
about to kiss and cuddle younger carbon copy of wife,
One brief encounter,

hearing gossip in the morning
Pearl makes to escape,
beginning Affair with Latin American fellow in Paris
wild frolic - that'll do!

come back Cautious.
Mumble about missing someone over the hill?